Turmeric (kamin): Unlike Turmeric other members of the ginger family used in Thai cooking


Turmeric (kamin): Unlike Turmeric other members of the ginger family used in Thai cooking, fresh turmeric is pleasantly mild and does not have a sharp bite. On the other hand, it has a very loud color – deeply orange inside an orange-tinged beige-brown skin. When added to foods, its carrot orange actually imparts a bright yellow color. The pretty color and delicate flavor of fresh turmeric is well-loved in the southern region of Thailand, where it is extensively used in curries, soups, stir-fried dishes, fried foods, snacks and desserts. Continue reading


A popular spice around the world, Lookjan or Nutmeg also popular for health benefits


Known as a popular spice around the world, nutmeg is also popular for its many health benefits. In fact, since ancient times, nutmeg has been used as a remedy for various ailments or to improve health in general.

Here are some of the health benefits that nutmeg provides – Nutmeg has been a key part of traditional medicine. The essential oil improves blood circulation, urinary issues and peptic ulcers, relieves flatulence and diarrhea and reduces phlegm. It is also a natural laxative.

Uses: The fruit and flowers are used to season baked items, butter and sausages, Helps preserve food. It is being used in cosmetics too.

Curry paste or Nam Prik Gaeng


Nam phrik (Thai: น้ำพริก, pronounced, lit. “fluid chili”) is a generic term that may refer to any of the types of more or less thick, spicy, chili-based, hot sauces typical of Thai cuisine. Usual ingredients for nam phrik are fresh or dry chilies, garlic, shallots, lime juice and often some kind of fish or shrimp paste. In the traditional way of preparing the sauce, the ingredients are pounded together using a mortar and pestle, with either salt or fish sauce added to taste. Continue reading

Kratiam (Garlic) is the key ingredient of Thai food

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Garlic is the key ingredient of Thai food.  Thai stir-fried dishes all start with garlics.  Soup is based on garlics.  Deep fried dishes are marinated with garlics.  Curry and chili paste, of course, have lots of garlics in it.
We also eat them raw mostly with Kao Man Gai (Chicken Rice) and Kao Ka Moo (Stewed Pork Rice).   Continue reading

Health benefits of Coriander seeds (Look-pak-chee)

Look pakchee, or Coriander Seed

The seeds have a lemony citrus flavor when crushed. It is described as warm, nutty, spicy, and orange-flavored. The more mature the seed is the more flavor it has. It is recommended to dry roast and to pound immediately before cooking. Coriander seed is used in curry pastes such as panaeng curry, green curry, masssaman.

Nutrition facts

Have you ever caught up with gripping stomach pain? Drinking a few sips of extraction obtained from coriander seeds, dill, caraway, fennel, and aniseed from your granny’s kitchen spice box is perhaps the most effective carminative remedy for this ailment! Continue reading

Bai cha-om or Acacia Leaf


Benfits: The top of the stem and the leaves can cool down the body. The roots relieve flatulence. The leaves contain protein, Vitamins B1 and C and beta-carotine.

Use: It is eaten fresh or soft-boiled with chilli dips, although some people dislike the scent of the raw leaves. It is more common to mix the leaves in on omelette, or to eat them as on accompaniment to namprik kapi, the shrimp paste dip. In the North it is enjoyed with grilled fish and gaeng kanun on and in the Northeast with gaeng normai.

Bai bua bok, (Asiatic Pennyworth)


Benefits: Good for the heart, it also refreshes physical energy, soothes allergies and urinary ailments and lowers the blood pressure. Crushed leaves heal bruises and help restore skin tissue. The Juice eases migraines. The leaves contain Vitamins A and B1 and calcium.

Use: Fresh leaves are served as accompaniment to laab, pad thai and chilli dip and they can be squeezed to make juice.

Bai Bua Bok is a green herb used to make health tea. You’ll see the ice tea sold in many street markets across Thailand, it’s the green tea, often sold next to yellow Chrysanthemum tea, and also called ‘Gotu Cola’. A claimed cure for cancer, and sold as a health tea drink, it actually has quite a pleasant herb like flavour and goods source of vitamins when fresh. The herb can also be eaten raw, and is eaten with chillie paste.