Delicious Thai Massaman Chicken(Kai) Curry Recipe


According to one theory, it originated in central Thailand at the court of Ayutthaya in the 16th century CE through a Persian envoy and trader. According to another theory, it originated in southern Thailand and its contacts with Arab traders. Due to its Muslim roots and therefore Islamic dietary laws, this curry is most commonly made with beef, but can also be made with duck, tofu, chicken, or, for non-Muslims, with pork (as pork is a forbidden food for Muslims, this variety is not eaten by observant Thai Muslims).

The flavoring for Massaman curry is called Massaman curry paste (nam phrik kaeng matsaman). The dish usually contains coconut milk, roasted peanuts or cashews, potatoes, bay leaves, cardamom pods, cinnamon, star anise, palm sugar, fish sauce, chili and tamarind sauce. Traders brought spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, star anise, cumin, cloves and nutmeg from Indonesia to the south coast of Thailand. The dish is served with rice and sometimes with pickled ginger or “achat” (Thai: อาจาด), an accompaniment made with cucumber and chili peppers macerated in vinegar and sugar. (Source: Wikipedia) Continue reading


Aiyara Thai Cafe USA recently received Thai Select Certificate from the Thai Trade Centers


Aiyara Thai Cafe is own and operated by Kannika Hime and her daughter, Bimb Kampanatsanyakorn. Kannika was born in the city of Chiang Rai and later moved to Chiang Mai. Her cooking specialty is Northern Thai Cusine. Some of her favorite are Chiang Mai Beef Curry, Chiang Mai Pork Curry, Chiang Mai Pork Sausage and Chiang Mai Spaghetti. You can find those items under House Specialty. Kannika loves of cooking has trasformed Aiyara Thai Cafe into the place to find affordable Thai cuisine in the Eugene/Springfield area. Continue reading

Thai Select Overseas Restaurant Absolute Thai, Malaysia

ABSOLUTE THAI-Thai Nudle Bar – another concept restaurant by SEA CUISINE.

Absolute Thai

Absolute Thai offering authentic Thai cuisine in modern environs, the restaurant offers a perfect balance of attentive service and delicious food for comfortable dining experience. This newly open restaurant located in the Ground Floor of Ikano Power Centre.

This unique noodle bar is an ideal venue to sample quick meals, power lunches & dinner while delighting in traditional Thai hospitality. The menu features some truly amazing dishes that often do not feature on most Thai menus due to the intricate preparations that go into these dishes with option of a la carte dishes or single bowl/plate fare. Continue reading

Thai Select Restaurant Bussaracum Royal Thai Cuisine Bangkok

Thai Select Restaurant Bussaracum Royal Thai Cuisine Bangkok

Thai Select Restaurant Bussaracum Royal Thai Cuisine the first restaurant to specialize in royal Thai cuisine, Bussaracum likewise was the kingdom’s very first fine-dining Thai venue. Soon after opening in 1982 the restaurant quickly established itself as essential on any dining itinerary. For instance when visiting heads of state came to Bangkok, such as Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and the King of Sweden, dinner at Bussaracum featured as a scheduled culinary highlight.

Over the years, Bussaracum has gained numerous accolades from international publications and received much praise from highly regarded food critics. Continue reading

Thai green curry with Shrimps ‎Recipe‬ (Gaeng Kiew Wan Goong)

Green Curry with Shrimps

Sweet coconut milk and spicy green curry paste are blended with shrimp and basil to create a comforting Thai curry dish. Serve over Jasmine rice to soak up the sauce and you have a complete dinner!

If you love Thai food, you’ll love this quick and easy dish, perfect for a busy weeknight! A lot of Thai dishes are hard to make at home if you don’t have access to a good Asian market, but luckily with the popularity of Thai cuisine, Organization like Thai Select have made a lot of the ingredients available in Overseas supermarket. You can adjust the heat to your liking by adding more or less green curry paste, if you prefer you can use cilantro in place of the basil. Enjoy!! Continue reading

Thai green curry (Gaeng Kiew Wan)

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Green curry is a variety of curry in Thai cuisine. The name “green” curry derives from the color of the dish. Green curries tend to be as hot as red curries or hotter. The green color comes from fresh thai basil and green chillies. The “sweet” in the Thai name (wan means “sweet”) refers to the particular color green itself and not to the taste of the curry. As this is a Thai curry based on coconut milk and fresh green chillies, the color comes out creamy mild green or, as this color is called in Thai, “sweet green”. The curry is not necessarily sweeter than other Thai curries. Continue reading

Thailand’s Honorable Prime Minister Yingluck Shinavatra awarded “Thai Select Premium” award to Thai’s Chefs

Chang being presented with the Thai Select Premium award by the Thai Prime Minister H. E. Yingluck Shinawatra.

Chang being presented with the Thai Select Premium award by the Thai Prime Minister H. E. Yingluck Shinawatra.

The Prime Minister of Thailand presented Thai Chef’s Restaurant with the Thai Select Premium award at the Langham Hotel in Auckland on 24 March, 2013. Prime Minister H. E. Yingluck Shinawatra – Thailand’s first elected female leader – was in New Zealand to discuss trade, future partnerships and tourism.
Left to Right: Chang, Minister of Commerce Mr. Boonsong Teriyapirom and Cindy at the reception ceremony hosted by AUT and catered by Thai Chef.

Left to Right: Chang, Minister of Commerce Mr. Boonsong Teriyapirom and Cindy at the reception ceremony hosted by AUT and catered by Thai Chef.

Thai Chef was first awarded with Thai Select certification in 2006 which indicated a degree of excellence of 3 or 4 stars, but the new certification of Thai Select Premium indicates an excellence of 5 stars – a point of pride for owners Nattachai Chang and his wife, Cindy. Receiving this prestigious award isn’t easy; the bar is set high and the guidelines are strict.

Left to Right: Thailand's Prime Minister H. E. Yingluck Shinawatra, Chang and his 'advisor', Cindy

Left to Right: Thailand’s Prime Minister H. E. Yingluck Shinawatra, Chang and his ‘advisor’, Cindy

Created by the Royal Thai Government, the Thai Select label certifies that the food, service and atmosphere of a Thai-style restaurant is authentic. Chefs must be carefully trained in the preparation of bona fide Thai meals and to earn premium status, restaurants must suggest traditional Thai decorations, provide outstanding services, offer authentic Thai food of premium quality and overall produce a premier dining experience.